Cornplanter Volunteer Fire Department

Station 6: FIRE, Rescue, & EMS


Emergency Medical Services

The Cornplanter Fire Department runs two BLS ambulances that offer 911 responses as well as transport trips to many of our regions hospitals. There is no monthly membership required. Most ambulance transports are paid for by Medicare/Medicaid or Insurance. 

24/7/365 Response

Our volunteers respond to a wide variety of calls such as fire alarms, structure fires, brush fires, vehicle accidents, EMS responses, public services, and many others. 

Becoming a member

Volunteer firefighting can be an extremely rewarding task. Many people think that you have to go inside burning buildings. However, that is not the case! We are in need of all different kinds of help including:


EMS response


Grant writing

Mechanical Skills

... and many others! 

Visit the Become a Member page and contact us at (814) 677-5118 or by emailing us at